Meterk MK-XX1 Multifunction Network/Phone Cable Testing Instrument

Simply but securely packaged in a robust cardboard box was the emitter, receiver, RJ11 Clip Adaptor Cable, RJ45 to RJ45 Cable, Earphones, and a soft storage case. Standard 9V batteries were prefitted to the Receiver and Emitter. Also included was a well written multi language User Guide although it is rather small and hard to read. I include a scan of it in my unboxing video.

The purpose of this device is to test the status and functionality of network, phone and other cables. It can check if a cable carries a live voltage and emit one down the cable for testing purposes. If you have a bunch of cables and do not know which of them are live then this device will tell you. It supports the standard RJ11 phone interface and the standard Ethernet RJ45 up to a cable range of 3000 meters emitted range. If a line is open, shorted, or wrongly connected this unit can detect it. When used with telephone cables it can determine the signal state: ringing, off-hook etc. It can also PINg the line to check for returns. It can also check the voltage in batteries and other electrical device to determine their status.

Build quality seems excellent. Both the Receiver and Sender devices are robust, well built and tough enough for on site use. One handy feature is the inclusion of a earbud set so that audible alerts can be detected even in a noisy working environment.

It is an easy tool to work with and tough enough to withstand all the home and building site has to throw at it. The current Amazon price of£25.70 make it a very attractive buy indeed.

The Good
Great price
Good build quality
Well written User Guide
Batteries supplied
Soft case supplied

The Bad
Hard carry case would be better

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