Homelody Black Chrome Kitchen Sink Mixer Tap with swivel spray

This will have to be something of an interim review as I shall be saving this tap, or faucet as the Americans say, to be incorporated in my new kitchen when it is finally installed later this year. Having the tap to look at and admire now will be an incentive to me to get the new kitchenput in. My review today will be solely on the build quality, appearance and presentation of this product. I will update it to include installation and functionality in due course. I felt I just had to get my first impressions down!

All you need is supplied in the box. For what is essentially a kitchen fitting which few people other than plumbers will see before installation plenty of care has gone into the presentation of this unit. The stainless steel body is carefully wrapped in protective tissue and all the parts are presented in a custom fitted box. The kit includes the tap unit itself, hot and cold water Uk Standard flexi-tail hoses, additional sink fittings, ceramic cartridge, User Guide. Everything seems to be of the highest quality and even the flexi tails are made of metal rather than rubber. The mixer tap looks fantastic with a chrome finish with a black silicone grip and feels suitably weighty due to the brass construction. The single lever operates smoothly and feel like it might be damped to achieve this. It has a Ceramic Disc Valve Cartridge which replaces the old fashioned rubber valves and should mean it works drip free. The User Guide takes the form of an exploded diagram and is simple and easy to follow. I include a scan of it in my unboxing video. There is no step by step install guide included as a certain level of knowledge is assumed, otherwise just leave it to the plumber to sort out, as I intend to.

The tap is heavy and feels very robust although I will always be worried about scratching the chrome or bodywork since it is all so pristine at the moment. It really is not too much to say that this device is a thing of beauty even before it is finally fitted. The silicone sleeve looks great now but I hope it will not mark or deteriorate with time and use

I really don’t think you will be able to find a more attractive or better built piece of kit and if as much care and though has been devoted to the functionality as clearly has been to the design then it will be a winner indeed. If I saw this unit in a high end bathroom showroom I would expect it to be in at least the £150 range. The Amazon price of £76.99 whilst not being the cheapest I have seen is still excellent buy..

On the basis of looks and build quality – which is all I can currently comment on – this is a definite BUY.

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