Helect 2-Line Engineering Calculator – H1002

Here is a thing I have not seen for a while, in fact I did not even realise they still made them – a hand held calculator. Of course after considering it for a while I realised that although for most people the calculator built into their smartphones is adequate for professional users a separate device designed for advanced and scientific use is better and easier to use.

In the box is just the calculator itself including two L1154F batteries already installed, a pull off hard cover and a lengthy but well printed and fairly easy to read user Guide. I include a few sample pages in my unboxing video, the complete manual is too long (and boring) to include in full.

The device is quite large and sports a two line non backlit LCD display which seems very old fashioned compared to the displays found on most displays today but is probably much more battery friendly. It has a slide off rigid cover to protect the screen and 47 button keypad. The build quality is good and the device feels robust and well made although decidedly old school.

It can perform a host of scientific, statistical and engineering calculations all of which are far above my head.

For the price it cannot really be faulted. It would be a far more useful and easier to use device if it has a easier to read back-lit display and someway of outputting the calculations but that would add to the price greatly and get away from the essential qualities of this little device.

This calculator, priced at just £5.29 from Amazon complete with Prime shipping, is a great budget buy.

The Good
Great price
Good build quality
Keypad/Screen cover

The Bad
LCD display
No Back light
No data out/printer port

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