Lifebasis SX-100 Home Vacuum sealing packaging system LEVS001W

This handy kitchen gadget will preserve food and other items by heat sealing them into plastic bags with the option of vacuum packing them within the same operation. You can also use the device to vacuum seal external containers which have a suitable interface.

I received my machine nicely presented in an attractive box with the device very well protected within. Along with the vacuum sealer inside the box was the User Guide, a tube and interface for external containers and a selection of vacuum bags.

Build quality seems excellent. The unit is smaller than I was expecting but will handle bags up to 33cm wide. The EU plug power cable tucks neatly into the back for storage. The controls are simple. On the top are buttons for Function, Vacuum Seal, Seal (non Vacuum), and Stop. There are LED lights to show power status, if wet or dry item sealing has been selected and to indicate if vacuum or non vacuum sealing is taking place. The supplied User Guide is large and well printed but poorly translated and hard to follow. There is also a laminated cardboard sign positioned inside the heat sealing chamber – do not throw this away as it is important to prevent damage to the vacuum sealing strips when in storage. The vacuum release button and the aperture for the external tube are also situated on the top face. On either side there are latches to secure the upper and lower halves of the device together.

It has three operating modes: heat sealed with vacuum, heat seal no vacuum, and air suction via tube for external containers. For normal use just fill your bag with food and lay the trailing open edge inside the vacuum chamber within the unit. This can be a bit fiddly so be sure to get it right. Press the top shut until it clicks either side and then press the button for either Vacuum or non vacuum sealing. The appropriate LED light will illuminate and the device can be heard working at the end of which time it will switch off automatically. Press the vacuum release button and release the side catches to open the unit top The operation is fairly quick depending on the size of bag and amount of contents. The device makes no more than a mild hum when the pump is in use.

The current price of 59.99 Euros is good, the machine works really well, quiet and quick and is more versatile in use than I was expecting. The machine is let down only by the poorly translated User Guide but in fact it easy to work out how to use it without the Guide.

The Good
Good price
Bags provided
Easy to use
Low noise
Small footprint
Three operating modes
External container adaptor tube

The Bad
Poor User Guide
Using Vacuum chamber fiddly
No UK plug supplied

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