Minhe Fitness Tracker with Heartrate and Blood Pressure monitoring V07S

We do not all want to pay £100+ for a premium sports and fitness tracker and as the market for them develops products like these mirroring the premium brands in functionality but not price become available. The quality of the imported rivals is going up all the time with generic devices re branded and sold at bargain prices. But are the cheap clones actually any good?

In the somewhat down market product box there is the wrist band itself, and a fan fold type User Guide which is small but well printed in colour and very easy to read if at times poorly translated. I include a scan of the User Guide on the end of my unboxing video. No charging cable was included but that was not the mistake I thought it was as this device connects directly to a USB port to charge itself.

Construction quality seems fine for the price but without the premium feel of the high end rivals and seems less robust and rather more plasticky in comparison. That said, the band and charger feel perfectly OK but not high end.

Priced at just £32.99 this unit closely resembles the Fitbit Charge HR and mirrors most if not all of the costly rival’s functions as well as a few new ones. It supports a Heart Rate Monitor, Blood Pressure monitor, Clock, Pedometer, distance travelled, Calories used, Sleep Monitor, SMS monitor, Sedentary alert, Call Alert. This model boasts a new feature called Physiological Period Reminder which, so far as I can tell, helps women with their monthly cycles. As well as the normal phone call and SMS alerts it also displays messages from Facebook,Twitter, WhatsApp and other applications on the connected phone. It also can be used to remote control your phone camera and can be used to find a mislaid phone by causing it to make an audible alert over Bluetooth. All this is done through the latest low energy Bluetooth 4 connection and allows a claimed 3+ day plus of use between two hour charges charge use to be not unrealistic. It has a bright and clear 0.87″ OLED touch screen. The band is rated as being IP67 waterproof, which means it is safe against short term immersion in water but not suitable for swimming.

It works in close conjunction with an iOS of Android app. The  H Band 2.0 app works OK but does need to be tidied up a bit as it is a bit buggy and at times unfinished. It has a distinctly Chinese feel to the appearance and layout. Although it cannot be compared to a sophisticated eco system like that offered by Fitbit nevertheless it does work for all the key features. After opening the optional cloud account you are prompted to enter your personal data into the app and then connect the phone and tracker together using Bluetooth. this worked well for me and the link seems fast and stable with my Nexus 6P phone. It then connects seamlessly to the tracker and continually updates the steps taken, distance travelled etc. Note that unlike with some rival trackers the only sports activity specifically supported is running and for that it uses the GPS functions of your phone to map your track on the in-app map. If you registered an account when installing the app your tracking data can be backed up to the cloud.

Like with the Fitbit Charge 2 which I currently use the Heart Rate Monitor here is OK and a gives a decent indication of resting and active heart rates but cannot be considered accurate when compared to a chest strap HRM of the type used by serious athletes. The Fitbit updates the Heartrate monitor every five minutes but this does so one every ten amd updates the screen every thirty minutes – enough to give a decent estimation of your average and resting heart rates but not for sports training. The same has to be said of the BP monitoring feature which updates every hour during the night and cannot be compared in accuracy to the sphygmomanometer used in the doctor’s surgery.

This tracker feels and looks a bit cheaper than a Fitbit or other Name brands but mirrors almost all the features as well as adding a few new ones. If you are looking for a simple but well specified sports and fitness tracker and don’t want to pay for a premium name then this new wrist mounted tracker from Minhe might be just want you need.

The Good
Great price
OLED Touch screen
Vibration alerts
Good build quality
Good User Guide
Phone and SMS alerts
Social Media alerts
Heart Rate Monitor
Blood Pressure Monitor
IP67 Waterproof

The Bad
Not part of larger eco system
Basic level app
Wrist strap and buckle could be stronger
Android App lacks design flare
Remote phone camera control
Only Running specifically supported

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