Debo Stainless Steel Vacuum Travel Flask

Here is a product which I suspect was designed originally for the Japanese market where presentation is everything. This would make the flask very suitable as a gift.

The flask arrived in a robust and elegant presentation box of the sort used for premium malt whiskeys or fine wines. Inside of a microfiber bag the flask was positioned on a faux silk covered bed secured by a hand tied ribbon bow. Also in the box were English and Chinese User Guides, well printed on glossy paper and which I include in my unboxing video.

The flask itself is nicely made from double walled steel with a black silk finish to the exterior. The top screws in place with an internal seal top prevent spills. There is no sipping spout and you have to drink directly from the flask itself and since it lacks a plastic or rubber sill this can be a bit uncomfortable on the mouth. The lack of a anti spill sipping spout limits the use of the flask when on the go and means this is very much a flask rather than a travel mug. On the other hand it does have a pull out stainless steel filter which sits inside the top of the flask which means teas or other infusions made from leaves could be used without the dregs finding their way into the mouth.

I found it kept my coffee warm through the working day and afterwards was simple and easy to clean.

The current Amazon price of £18.99 puts it at the top of the middle price bracket compared to rivals and this is reflected in the build quality and superb presentation. If you want a travel flask that is well made and stylish then this would be a very worthwhile choice.

The Good
Lavish presentation
Good build quality
Good price
Internal removable filter

The Bad
No anti spill spout
Metal lip unpleasant to drink from

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