Mindkoo True Wireless Earbuds TWS-Q5(M-5)

Currently I use the excellent Jabra Elite true wireless earbuds costing over £200 which means I need to find a set of budget replacements to use in situations where the Jabra’s may get lost. I have used other Mindkoo headsets before and I was keen to see if these were as good.

The headset arrived in a rather basic windowed product box, fine for shipping but probably not suited for long term storage. Inside were the earbuds, a spare set of wings, charging cable, User Guide.

Unlike with the expensive Jabra there is no charging/battery case. A short USB to split micro-USB cable is provided. So far as I know any micro USB cable can be used to charge the earbuds so if the split cable were mislaid the buds are not renedered useless as the Jabra’s are should their charging case be lost. A soft carry bag is provided to store the buds and cable in between uses.

Pairing the earbuds was easy enough although more of a performance than with Jabra’s. Press the single button on each earbud simultaneously until the purple LED comes on with a voice prompt from each earbud to confirm the buds are linked. Open the Bluetooth control panel on your phone and then pair in the usual way. Once paired and they should connect automatically in the future.

Sound quality was good and better by far than I was expecting but of course you are never going to get Dr Dre type bass from any type of in-ear headset but these give a perfect decent amount. Mid and upper tones are clear and well defined with non of the muddiness often found with budget headsets.

The headset has a microphone and can be used to receive and make calls and when testing I found the conversation was clear and audible both ends. Incoming calls are clearly indicated using voice prompts, which is an excellent high end feature. Calls can be muted/rejected and music can be paused by pressing the Multi function button. Sadly, there is no way to change the audio volume or advance/return music tracks from the headset. The unit can also be used just with a single bud for phone calls if needed.

Battery life is good and at least equal to the Jabra’s and I have no reason to doubt the claimed 3.5 hours music playing time following a two hour charge.

At just £24.99 this headset is a fraction of the price my more expensive set but rivals it for sound quality. It falls down a bit on functionality and convenience of use and of course none of the Jabra sports features are present (not that I ever use them). That said they represent a great way to try the world of true wireless music at a budget price.

The Good
Great Price
Excellent audio quality
Carry bag
Bluetooth 4.1
Voice prompts
Good battery life
Single bud operation option

The Bad
No charging or storage case
No track controls
No volume controls
No Android battery indicator

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