LINKChef 600W Mini Food Processor

I have a young relative going off to college soon and we need to get her equipped for life out there. No doubt her kitchen will not be a large and since she will be cooking for herself this little mini food processor might be just what she needs. I thought I would give it a quick road test myself first.

Bearing the £26.99 Amazon price in mind I was not expecting too much and feared it might be a cheaply made plastic thing. In fact nothing could be further from the truth. Both the bowl and motor housing are made from brushed steel and look tough enough to last for years. The layered blades are steel too and are razor sharp. The bowl cover and switch housing are made of plastic but all seems strong enough for me. Apart from the items listed above in the box is a rubber non slip bases onto which the bowl sits, although it is a pity it does not in place, and a large and easy to read but large unneeded User Guide. For those interested I include a scan of the Guide at the end of my unboxing video.

Using the device could not be simpler. Put the food items into the bowl, place the lid and blades in position, fit the bottom of the motor housing unit into the groove on the lid top and holding the unit in place press down on big top button. A gentle push for slow speed and a firmer one to engage high speed. I found the 600w motor converted my ice cubes to snow in just a few seconds. I see no reason why it should not be able to cope with all the culinary chopping and dicing needs of a single person or couple. The User Guide says to keep to ten second bursts only, so bear that in mind.

This is an excellent little gadget with no real drawbacks other than being a bit awkward to store unless you keep it in the box it came in.
A great buy indeed.

The Good
Great Build quality
Great price
Powerful motor
Attractive design
Twin speeds
Good User Guide

The Bad
No storage bag
Base does not lock in place
10 second pulse limitation

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