OMARS Aluminum Headphones Stand with USB 3 Hub

This is more than just a headphone stand, although with it’s clean and elegant design with the brushed aluminium finish it performs that function well and looks great too. It is packaged nicely too and although not quite done to Apple standards OMARS clearly appreciate the importance of good presentation.

The build quality is first rate with the stand itself and base made from brushed aluminium with ABS on the underside. When assembled, yes you have assemble it yourself a task taking about two seconds, it feels robust and stable enough for everyday desktop life. It comes with a USB to USB power in cable but annoying it has a standard USB in port . This is a mild annoyance as standard USB to standard USB cables are far hard to find than the ubiquitous USB to micro-USB variety and this made worse by the use of a a short 1M cable. This would be fine for those with a computer positioned on the desktop but too short for those of us with under desk PC’s.

One of the main selling points of this device is the built in audio and USB 3 hub. This is a very useful feature and works well. The inclusion of audio in and out ports is particularly useful and makes using a mic and speaker with the computer much easier but it is a pity there is no provision for USB-C devices The hub is controlled by a simple off/on switch positioned on the side.

This is an attractive and elegant high end device and sit very nicely next to the latest iMac (if I had one!) on my desk. Apart from my thoughts above the only real negative is the price which at £26.99 is not cheap when you consider that simple low end rivals can be found for less than £10, albeit without the added functionality that this one has.

The Good
Attractive design
Great build quality
Three USB 3 ports
Separate mic and audio ports
Non slip base

The Bad
No USB-C support
Cable too short
Standard USB power in port

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