FITFIRST Shiatsu Back and Neck massager, with Heat and Timing Function

I was a happy user of my Beurer MG290 Shiatsu Back and Neck Massage Seat until it recently gave up the ghost I was keen to try this smaller and much less expensive unit from FitFirst to see how it compared.

The item was supplied in a plain but sturdy but cardboard product box, which might serve to store the unit in when not in use Inside the box aside from the massager itself was a UK power supply, car adaptor, and a large and easy to read User Guide.

The massager consists of a large and quite heavy roller mechanism contained in a shawl like affair with a rather attractive leather look to the outside and a robust mesh to the inside. It has slings that stretch out either side into which the arms are placed to hold the roller tight to the shoulder and in so doing vary the strength of the massage effect as needed. On one sling are the four control buttons: On/Off, massage speed, massage roller direction, heat On/Off. There is also a bright array of red LED’s which light up around the rollers when it is in use in heating mode. I noticed that there was a zip along the whole length of the unit which looks like it would allow the removal of the roller mechanism for repair or to allow cleaning of the sling perhaps. It comes with a UK power supply but the cable length is too short and long enough only for use when positioned immediately next to a socket. It is also provided with a car adaptor for the convenience of those people needing a massage when driving.

The build quality seems very good and the equal of the similar devices from more expensive rivals so far as I can tell. It is a great pity it is not supplied with a storage bag or case but I suppose that might have added too much to the cost. The switch assembly seems well made and has a good positive action although there are no status LEDs. In price although it is not the cheapest unit of this type it is significantly less expensive than the better known rivals.

In use it is easy enough, you just rest it on your shoulders, switch on and hold it in place using the arm slings. It can also be used on the back or indeed any part of the body it can be applied to. It should be noted that the device is by no means lightweight and a person particularly weak or frail could find this problematic. The rollers have a very powerful action which can be controlled by varying the tension it is held in place by the slings, although the direction and speed of the roller travel can be changed via the control button. The heat action is pleasant and quite pronounced but again cannot be varied other than by turning it off. The massage effect is very powerful and once again at least equal to that from my Beurer.

This is a well made and very effective massage unit and the equal in quality and functionality to rivals from better known brands. The current price of £55.99 is not the least expensive but better by far compared to the high end rivals.

The Good
Good price
Good build quality
Attractive design
Effective massage
Three speeds
Heat function

The Bad
May be too heavy for some users
No storage bag
Short cable
Single heat setting

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