Ustellar six piece LED Under Cabinet Lighting Kit

Our old LED strip under counter lights having failed, who knows why, this new kit from Ustellar appealed to me in part due to the attractive £24.99 price but also because it was different to the usual LED strip kits on offer.

In the mid market product box were the six light units each with hard wired connection cables and plugs, set of screws, UK power supply with in-line Off/On switch and hard wired lights junction box and a well written, large format and easy to read User guide. I include the User Guide in my Unboxing Video. Build quality seems fine and everything seems built to last with the lights fittings themselves made from metal rather than plastic.

Unlike with the LED strips this kit uses a central hub into which the lights can be connected using plugs which are large and lock in place easily. You can use all or as many of the six lights as you wish each of which comes with a 77 inch cable with a plug on the end to connect to the hub. This hub based kit is simple to fit and easy to use but does mean that unlike with the LED strips you cannot daisy chain them together, the furthest any of your lights can be from the hub is 67 inches. This is not a problem in most situations and the low voltage cables could easily be extended using bell wire. The modular nature of the kit makes it very easy to wire up and install. There are none of the fiddly connections and delicate multi-pin plugs found with LED strip kits and thanks to the lights screwing to the wall to fit there is little chance of them falling off as the LED strips always do after a few weeks. That said, I found it VERY hard to get the light units unscrewed and found myself wishing that double sided tape or Velcro mounts has been included as an option.

Once in place the lighting is warm and nicely diffused and superior to the LED strips which can often be harsh and glaring. Due to the nature of the kit the lights tend to pool rather than spreading evenly and this can be a good or bad thing depending on your needs.

This is a well made and easy to fit kit which has many advantages over the widely available LED strip rivals as well as a few drawbacks. The price is good and the build quality excellent. If you need an under counter lighting kit for a small or non linear kitchen then this would be a great choice.

The Good
Good price
Good build quality
Easy to fit
Modular hub system

The Bad
Hard to unscrew light units
Cannot daisy chain lights together

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