V-TAC B22 4W Retro Filament LED Bulbs, Set of Six

Priced at £12.00 for a set of six bulbs these are certainly far less expensive than the high street rivals but are they any good?

The set of six bulbs arrived individually boxed in a large padded jiffy bag inside a standard Amazon delivery box and all seemed to have survived the journey unscathed. The technical specifications are described in detail on the product box and I reproduce this in my video for those interested, turn to full screen and pause as needed to read it,

The bulbs are all clear with a what appears to be a filament inside but which in fact is are the 4W 470 lumen LEDs. The bulbs appear to be made of glass but this is not the same sort of glass used in conventional bulbs which breaks easily into razor sharp shards. This glass feels softer and more plastic like and hopefully less dangerous when broken. The bulbs have the standard UK B22 bayonet fitting and this worked fine in my fittings at home and when working looked exactly the same as the old style tungsten equivalent. The light is a warm 2700K and is perfect for a living room or bedroom although perhaps less so for an office or workplace. Unlike with some LED’s I have tried these bulbs come on instantly and do not flicker or dim with protracted use. The bulbs are bright and certainly seem about the same light output as an old style 40w bulb, if not a little more.

If you are in search of a traditional bulb appearance for a living room or bedroom then these would be a good choice.

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