BOROFONE BE8 True Wireless Earbuds

I have been looking for a pair of back up true wireless earbuds for use in situations where I may lose my expensive  Jabra Elite Sport  Earbuds set. I have tried several budget rivals and it amazing how much you can get for so little with this set costing just over one tenth of the price of the high end Jabra’s. I will use the Jabra’s as reference point in this review, which may seem unfair but this set are good enough to stand the comparison.

I was impressed by the packaging and presentation which rivalled that of the posh Jabra’s with the headset arriving in an well designed and attractive windowed display box. Inside the box were the earpieces themselves, charging case, a short USB to micro-USB charging cable, three sets of buds and three sets of wings (one set of each prefitted), and a soft hessian style carry bag. The User Guide is not bad although poorly translated and although this feature is mentioned on the box we are nowhere told how to use the earbuds to invoke Siri or Google Assistant. I enclose a copy of the User Guide on my unboxing video.

Unlike with some other budget true wireless headsets this one comes with a robust carry case which also charges the earbuds when inserted. The case has an internal 300mAh battery which is itself charged using the USB cable and it is the internal battery which charges the 60mAh earbud batteries. The fully charged case will be able to fully charge the earbuds about three times. There are a set of bright blue LED’s on the rear of the case and LED’s on each bud to show battery status.

Pairing the earbuds was easy enough although more of a performance than with Jabra’s. Press the single button on either earbud until the voice prompt confirms the earbud has power and is pairing. Open the Bluetooth control panel on your phone and then pair in the usual way. Then repeat for the other earbud. It does not matter which bud you select as they are both identical and either can be used to control the other or be used individually and separately. Once paired and they should connect automatically in the future. Unlike with the Jabra’s the buds have to be separately powered on and off each time by pressing the button on each earbud. They do not auto turn on and off when being placed in or taken from the charging box. Once connected the Bluetooth linked seemed good although not quite so good as the Jabra. When out walking I usually have my phone in my shoulder bag and although this worked fine at first dropouts started after a while with each earbud losing and then regaining connection very rapidly. When I moved the phone to the breast pocket of my jacket the connection was fine.

Audio quality was good and better by far than I was expecting. There is plenty of bass, more than I was expecting by far with mid and upper tones clear and well defined with non of the muddiness often found with budget headsets. I found the tone to be somewhat harsher and less refined than from the Jabra’s but more than good enough for general use.

The headset has a microphone and can be used to receive and make calls and when testing I found the conversation was clear and audible both ends. Calls can be muted/rejected and music can be paused by pressing the Multi function button. Sadly, there is no way to change the audio volume or advance/return music tracks from the headset. The unit can also be used just with a single bud for phone calls if needed.

I struggled a bit with fitting the earbuds and did not find them as good a fit as the Jabra’s and although they felt secure enough they seemed to project at an awkward angle from my ears when in place. The button on each earbuds is large and easy to find but needs a positive click to operate which is a little uncomfortable and feels cheaper than the soft touch Jabra button. Battery life is good and at least equal to the Jabra’s and I have obtained several hours music playing time following a two hour charge. The charging case is robust and well made and holds the buds better and more easily than the Jabra’s al;though the case looks and feels cheaper and lacks the auto On/Off feature which is one of the best features of the expensive rival.

At just £22.99 this headset is a fraction of the price my more expensive set but gives it a run for it’s money as regards sound quality and features. It falls down a bit on functionality and convenience of use and of course none of the Jabra sports features are present (not that I ever use them). That said they represent a great way to try the world of true wireless music at a budget price.

The Good
Good audio quality
High end packaging
Carry bag
Charging case
Bluetooth 4.1
Voice prompts
Good battery life
Single bud operation option

The Bad
No auto On/Off
No track controls
No volume controls
Not waterproof

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