Tycka 204 Led Camera Lighting Panel EU-TK204

I make a fair number of videos of this sort and getting the light balanced correctly can often be a problem. This budget priced compact sized LED light panel may be just what I need.

Inside the plain but heavy duty box, robust enough for long term storage, was the light panel itself, a 2200mAh Li-ion battery battery with charger and USB cable, camera hot shoe mount with threaded 1/4 tripod mount, self supporting stand, connecting mount, User Guide. I include a scan of the User Guide on my unboxing video. All the items seem robust and well made and I would not expect anything to break or snap anytime soon.

Using the device is easy enough but first it needs to be charged using the supplied charging unit which takes just a couple of hours and will give several hours of use depending on how the light levels are set. I was pleased to see the battery is a widely used SONY standard model which can be easily replaced with spares available for around £20 each
The light can be powered directly from the mains using a DC 7.2 – 9v power source but annoyingly no adaptor is supplied. However, the socket looks to be a standard one and so it would be easy enough to find a suitable adaptor.

Once the battery is fitted and the device turned on using the rear mounted controls it is simple enough to operate. One rotary dial controls the colour temperature which ranges from a warm 3200K – to an almost daylight 5600K, the other rotary control determines the light output which at full power is very bright indeed for the size of the panel.

The supplied mounts allow the light to be positioned on the standard Hot Shoe mount found on most professional semi pro cameras with the option to mount on a standard tripod mount or on a small self supporting base.
The unit is quite heavy and so it will need a secure mount or tripod to hold it firmly.

This is an excellent little unit and would be perfect for those making home studio videos or as a fill light when shooting outdoors. The direct light can be a bit harsh and so a reflector or diffuser would be needed for best results. For the current price of just £36.99 this should be in any gadget bag of any photographer or videoographer.

The Good
Good price
Good build quality
Battery Self non proprietory battery
Batteries widely available

The Bad
No Mains supply adaptor
No carry case

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