Techstick 960P WiFi Wireless Security Surveillance Camera QJ002

I was not sure what to expect when I bought this camera but I took a chance knowing it that at £40.99 it was not too expensive and in any case could always be sent back but in fact in most respects it has exceeded my expectations.

In the attractive mid market box was the camera itself, a short USB to micro-USB cable, Uk USB power adaptor, ceiling mounting kit, reset tool, and a poorly printed and hard to read User Guide. I attach the User Guide to the end of my unboxing video.

The camera is made of plastic and light in weight – no bad thing for a device designed for a ceiling mount – but seems well made and robust. it is smaller than I was expecting and is about the size of a doughnut. On the front, the side pointing down from the ceiling, is the lens and single infra red light LED together with the speaker and reset hole. On the side are the TF card and USB power port together with the single status LED.

Setting up was far easier than I expected having had bad experiences with many cameras in the past. The first thing is to download and install the HDIPC360 app and power up the camera and wait for the LED to flash. Registering the app before us is mandatory (just use a disposable email address if worried about security) and then to add the camera just input your home network wifi and hold the phone next to the app as it emits a series of chirps and cheeps to send the setup data to the camera. The LED will stop flashing and you should then be connected. This worked for me the first time. Checking on my router I could see the camera had been assigned a LAN IP number and was online. It is a pity there was no Ethernet port as that will always give a better and more stable result and with POE could also have powered the device.

Mounting was easy enough but the USB cable is short and for long term use mounted to the ceiling you will have to find a way of getting around this. The mounting kit included allows for easy removal and the camera wil just unclip from the mount just like a smoke alarm. The SD
card slot is easy to access and the card can be removed without having to take the camera down.

The app can then be used to configure the camera to your needs. The camera can then save photos or videos on demand from the app or automatically through motion detection to the app and the micro SD card (up to 128G supported). It will send real time push alerts to the phone but will not send emails or upload over ftp. The app interface is far better than I was expecting and was easy to navigate and bug free. It was quite unlike the usual hard to configure, difficult to navigate, buggy, and poorly translated apps usually found with IP camneras.

VThere are two video quality levels: HD at 1280×960 and SD at 480×640. SD is Ok for viewing on the phone but HD is needced for everything else. The video is sharp and clear but by no means as good as from many other cameras. There is much reciliniear distortion due to the fish eye lens which is made worse by the seeming low resolution of the camera. Don’t get me wrong, it is not terrible or even bad but could be better. I enclose samples on my video but keep in mind they will have been compressed to 720p before uploading and compressed again for display here. Nevertheless you should get a rough idea of the quality as well as the wide angl lens effect.

Below I have included the Good and Bad points that came to mind but many of the Bad include features not normally to be expected on budget devices but worth mentioning for those that may need them.

This is an unusual webcam, the first of this type I have used, and although it lacks a few things it is well priced and offers features few others do and perhaps none in this price range.

The Good
Good price
Easy setup
Good build quality
Good App
Twist to unmount
Two way audio
Fish-eye lens
Motion detection
In app alerts
Mounting for long term use difficult
Support 128G TF Card

The Bad
Short cable
Average video quality
Poorly printed User Guide
No SD card included
App registration mandatory
No email alerts
No FTP alerts
No audio out
No Web interface
No Ethernet port
No Alarm System interface
No 5Ghz wifi support

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