Zolo Liberty+ True Wireless Earphones

I backed these True Wireless Earbuds ages ago on Kickstarter at a time when TW Headsets were hard to find and expensive. In fact whilst waiting for the Liberty+ to materialise I bought the £220 Jabra Elite Sport True Wireless Headset with which, I must say, I have been very pleased. There is less expensive version lacking a few high-end features such as Bluetooth 5 but the Liberty+ is the flagship.

At first sight, the Liberty+ buds do remind me of the Jabra’s. The earbuds themselves are very similar in form factor (yes, other TW buds are sometimes different) but feel much lighter in the ear. Even the packaging puts me in mind of the Jabra and they come with the same range of accessories: three additional sets of tips/wings, Charging cable, User Guide etc. The Charging Case although basically the same feels a bit more upmarket and is made of metal rather than plastic. However, getting the buds in and out is much more difficult with the Liberty+ as both the buds and case are hard to get a firm grip on. Maybe I will get used to it with time.

Like the Jabra, the buds have an associated app which performs many of the same functions. The various customizations of the buds can be set from the app rather than by a rather complex code of taps to one bud or the other. From the app, you can turn the ambient sound mic on/off, check battery level, set some rather basic EQ presets, etc. It lacks the heart rate monitor and sports features of the Jabra but they are a bit flaky at the best of times.

Sound quality is not bad, as with all TW headsets it lacks Dr Dre style booming bass but reproduces mid and high tones with detail and clarity. The sound is very similar to the Jabra in that respect. This headset support Bluetooth 5 and is the first device I have been able to pair with my Bluetooth 5 OnePlus 5T phone. It paired quickly and easily with a rock solid connection.

I am not sure what the final price of this wil be but I think it will be in the $150 range and no doubt the same in UK pounds. This is significantly cheaper than the high-end rivals. I am not sure that I will swap these over for my the Jabra’s as my walking/running goto headsets but I am seriously tempted.

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