Sunoptic OR10 Gold Reading Glasses – Incl. Case

This is not my usual thing to review but since I have just got them I thought I may as well tell the world my thoughts on my new pair of reading glasses.

I go through spectacles at a terrible rate. I sit on them, stand on them, put them in my pocket before walking the dog and then come back without them. I start off always keeping them in a case and then lose the case or forget to lose it and the glasses get scratched, bent and battered and have to be replaced.

I usually buy reading glasses several pairs at a time from a budget Chinese website but they take ages to arrive and in fact work out not that much cheaper than this pair on test today, which seem identical otherwise. So it was that I decided to pay about a pound a pair more to get next day Amazon Prime shipping.

The glasses themselves are fine, I just need simple reading glasses to allow me to perceive objects closer to me than about fifteen feet. These ones seem fine. They are small in size and sit on the end of my nose so I can see over them when they are not needed and just look down and through them to read. They are lightweight and comfortable but if they are like the others I have had in time the little plastic nose guards will fall off and the frames may get a bit bent. However, they will keep on working. The optics are good and there is no distortion when looking through any part of each lens. The case is made of metal and is tough and hard wearing although you may find the pocket clip falls off after a while

These are excellent glasses with decent lenses. good for day to day use and are inexpensive enough to be considered virtually disposable

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