BSVLIA Silicone Collapsible Kitchen Colander set

We seem to be adding more and more silicone items to our kitchen. Silicone products are very flexible, tough and hardwearing and easy to clean. This new colander set from BSVLIA is no exception.

The set arrived simply packaged in a plain bag with no instructions or data sheet. The basic packaging is good for the planet no doubt and keeps the price down but reduces the appeal as a gift.

The set consists of two colanders, 29x24x9.3cm and 24.5x20x8.3cm. My set is green but other red and blue versions are also available. The colander frame and the lower bowl is made of food grade rubber with silicone used for the green collapsable midsection. As my video shows the colanders collapse into themselves for storage and can be expanded to give greater depth when in use. When expanded the colander can fit deeply into the cooking pan or drainage bowl. They can also be used unexpanded sitting on the rim if needed. The grey rubber rim and bowl are rigid and robust but will bend slightly and are not brittle.

The colanders are well made and very tough and can be trodden on or dropped with no fear of breaking. They wash easily in the sink without staining and are dishwasher safe.

The current price of £7.99 for the pair, postage free for Amazon Prime users makes them a very attractive buy indeed and a good addition to any kitchen.


More info and purchase

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