VIFLYKOO Smart Power Strip with Alexa control vukce1340

This is the first UK Plugboard I have seen that integrates with Amazon Alexa and Google Home voice control systems and it does it rather well.

The plugboard arrived in a simple white box, good for the environment I know but it does tend to make the item less attractive as a gift. Inside the box was the plugboard itself and two User guides, one to install the product’s app, a more generic one on how to use it with Alexa and Google Home.

Build quality seems fine, the plugboard seems well made and robust and has an upmarket feel to it. The plugboard has a six-foot heavy duty cable, three UK power sockets and four USB 2 ports rated at 2.1amps. It has one control only, long press the button to turn the wifi hotspot On/Off, short press to switch the plugboard off. It has two LED lights, one for wifi On/Off the other for Power status.

The device will work purely as a normal plugboard without remote control but the point of the unit, of course, is the remote and voice control capabilities. To enable this first download and install the ‘Ama Home’ app and register an account with it. To connect the app to the plugboard open the Ama Home app and add ‘Outlet’ and then ‘UK Power Strip’. Long press the plugboard button for 5 seconds until the red light flashes then enter your home wifi password and the plugboard will connect to your home network. You can then use the app to remotely control your power strip sockets individually, set timers and countdowns etc. To enable voice control through Google or Alexa a further step is needed.

For Alexa user then go to the Alexa app and add the ‘SSG Smart Home’ skill and add the name and password that you set up in the Ama Home app when prompted. Then let Alexa search for new devices and your plugboard will be found. The range of control offered through Alexa and Google is less than with the Ama Home app but you can turn the whole plug board Off and on (although not individual sockets), control multiple plugboards together and incorporate the device in groups, chained and timed routines. The procedure is pretty much the same when adding Google Home control.

The plugboard is a quality device and works well alone, using the app or with voice control. The only real let down for me is the lack of USB-C support and the inability to control sockets separately through Alexa or Google. The price is steep compared to simple plugboards but the added remote and voice control makes it a decent buy at £42.99.

The Good
Good build quality
Easy to use app
Alexa integration
Google Home integration
Works with or without app
Sockets can be controlled separately through the app
Timer feature
Countdown feature
6ft Power Cable

The Bad
No physical Off/On switches for individual sockets
No USB ports On/Off physical switch
No USB-C sockets
No 5Ghz wifi
No voice control of individual sockets

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