AUTO-GUARD Steering wheel lock FXPS-001


This is perhaps the most impressive and certainly toughest looking steering wheel lock I have ever encountered.  Currently priced at £28.99 it is about mid-range in price.

It arrived in a large and impressive box clearing designed for the domestic Chinese market. Inside was the lock device itself together with three large and well-made keys. No instructions were included either in English or Chinese, but then what instructions are needed?

The lock resembles a large hammer at first sight with a rubber padded handle, a metal front facing head housing the lock and a rear-facing clawhammer like peen. The shaft extends from within the grip with locking teeth to allow it to be extended to a maximum total length of 35cm. The device is self-locking and can be extended to the desired length with the key being needed to release it. The top of the extended section has a U shaped opening to engage with the steering wheel or other items to be secured to. Like the shaft, the top section is padded to protect delicate surfaces. The lock can be either used to brace the steering wheel against internal parts of the car or locked to the steering wheel itself with the extended section preventing movement of the wheel.

In addition to a security lock, the device can also be used as an escape hammer and has a robust metal spike on the base to this end. The spike is protected by a plastic cap when not needed. Certainly, the spike plus the heavy weight of the hammer like unit would make short work of even the toughest glass.

The device is also advertised as being a self-defence weapon for emergency situations. There is no denying this and I would certainly not want to come up against someone wielding one of these.

The unit is well suited to all three purposes and is not only heavy and robust but also well made and nicely crafted. The main body of the device is of steel with the lock mechanism from brass. The adjustable nature of the device means it should fit nearly every vehicle of modern design. Once the best position for the lock has been found it takes just a second or so to fit it in place. Even the sight of it should deter most vehicle thieves as it has clearly been designed for heavy-duty use.

The Good
Good build quality
Clever design
Robust heavy duty construction
Three keys

The Bad
No carry bag
Spike protector hard to remove
No instructions included
Asian box labelling

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