Poweradd Aries I 10000mAh USB-C Power Bank

Although the mobile and computer world is increasingly shifting over to the USB-C interface, it is still not so easy to find USB-C compatible power banks at a budget price. This new  power bank from Poweradd is a welcome change as it offers not only USB-C and USB power out but also the option to charge the power bank from either micro-USB or USB-C.

The unit was supplied in a rather uninspiring plain box that contains the power bank itself, a short USB-C to USB-C cable, an equally short USB to micro-USB cable, a Well written but rather hard to read User Guide and a two-year warranty card.

The power bank is an attractive device with a brushed aluminium look to the body with a shiny translucent plastic strip running the length of one side which houses the small LED status panel at the top. On the leading edge are the three ports: USB-C in/out, USB out and micro-USB in. When the device is charging or discharging the backlit LED panel gives a digital readout of the current battery status. On the front on the side is the single control button which turns the device off or on and shows the battery status when pressed briefly. The USB-C port can support up to 5v/2A for power in and 5v3.1A for power out, the USB port up to 5v/3.1A output and the micro-USB for an input of up to 5v/2A. Using the USB-C cable it will take about six hours to charge the unit completely from flat. This is not the most capacious power bank I have tried but nevertheless should be able to charge an average high-end smartphone at least twice and smaller phone several times over.

This is an attractive and well-engineered device designed to work with the latest generation of high-end phones. It looks good performs well and at the current price of £19.99 is certainly well priced.

The Good

  • USB-C in/out
  • Good build quality
  • Attractive design
  • Great price
  • USB-C cable included

The Bad

  • short cables
  • User Guide hard to read

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