Pioneer 1Ltr Vacuum Insulated Leakproof Food Flask

We use a wide mouth food flask to make yoghurt. The old one, a Thermos original that belonged to my parents and must be at least 50 years old, finally gave up the ghost and so needed to be replaced. Large mouth flasks of a decent size are surprisingly hard to find on Amazon but after a search, we came up with this one from Pioneer priced at just £14.37.

It came packaged in a reasonably attractive box, which makes no difference to us but if you wanted it as a gift makes it a more attractive purchase. Inside was just the flask itself, all the product information and instructions were clearly printed on the box itself. The product consists of the flask itself, made of brushed stainless steel, and no less than three lids. There is an outer steel lid which I suppose can be used as a cup or serving bowl, an inner white plastic lid which is described as a serving cup but it is a bit too shallow and too wide for that, and a standard inner screw fit sealing lid.

I have to say that for our purpose, yoghurt making it is almost perfect. The wide mouth makes it easy to get the finished yoghurt out as well as making adding the ingredients easier. The day after adding the milk and starter to the flask the results were was thick and creamy and almost the same temperature as when it went into the flask. Cleaning the flask afterwards was easy due to the wide opening mouth.

This is an excellent flask to keep food warm over an extended period, although you have to remember to warm it first with hot water. As a device to make yoghurt with it is close to being perfect. The only problem for me is the rather pointless addition of the second lid.

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