iSmartAlarm KP3G Smart Keypad, Black

I first bought the iSmart Alarm System some time ago when it was Kickstarter Project and have been very happy with it. Over time I have extended the system until it now has two door sensors, motion detection PIR, two keyfob controls, and four cameras. Now available at last in the UK I decided to add the wall panel to the setup. This is not a strictly necessary addition as the alarm status can be controlled from the smartphone app and keyfobs but the wall pad does make it a simpler process to change the system status and gives a visual indication if it is armed or not.

In the box, which has the high-end Apple-like feel of all the iSmartalarm range, was the keypad, metal wall plate, double sided
mounting pads, screw and wall plug, three AAA batteries, and a small and hard to read multi-language User Guide.

Installing the unit could not be simpler. The metal wall mount can be fixed to the wall using either the single screw provided or the two double sided sticky mounts. The keypad then attaches magnetically to the wall plate. I used the sticky pads and they seem rock solid so far. To connect the wireless keypad to the alarm system again could not be simpler. Just open the smartphone app and click on the button to add a new device. The app walks you through the simple procedure and at once detects the keypad, adds it to your system and allows you to configure it if you need to directly on the screen. When working the keypad will illuminate briefly as you approach it and show the current system mode.

The keypad does not add much functionality to the existing setup in that you can already use the key fob and app to arm and disarm the system. To use the keypad you need to define a four number security code to be used before pressing the mode button you need – 1234 ‘ARM’ etc. However, you can now assign temporary or one time use security codes so guests or tradesmen can disarm and initiate the system without knowing the normal code. One minor issue is that you can only access those modes for which there are buttons on the keypad – Arm, Disarm and Home. If you use the app to make custom modes then these cannot be accessed directly from the pad unless you reconfigure one of the existing buttons to a new mode.

Priced at £41.94 this is not a cheap addition to your alarm but the build quality is first rate and the keypad looks and feels like a quality item. It does not add a great deal of functionality but it does simplify using this already versatile and powerful and simple to use alarm.

The Good
Simple to configure
Allows temporary access codes
Visual status display

The Bad
Cannot be used with custom modes

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