Avanca Minim True Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Mini In-Ear Headphones


At one time True Wireless Earbuds such as these were hard to find and very expensive when you did. I have tried multiple types of the last year or so, from my own favourites the Jabra Elite Sport at £200, down to a range of budget Chinese clones costing as little as £20. I have found that price is no assurance of quality or the lack of it and that many of the budget clones are in fact rather good. Priced at £89.00 on Amazon I expected these to be one of the best but in fact, they are one of the worst and are destined for the bin after I finish writing this review.

Nicely presented in a rather upmarket product box the earbuds came with three sets of tips, a charging case, a USB to micro-USB charging cable, and a well written if rather poorly printed User Guide.

The buds are small and fit well into the ear and come without the wings found on many TW Earbuds. Build quality is excellent, with the buds feeling well made and robust with a good positive feel to the single button on the side of each bud. The charging case is made of metal and also has a quality upmarket feel to it. The supplied charging cable is medium length and is thick and strong, again with a quality feel to it.

The buds can be used individually or together as a stereo pair. The Bluetooth setup is easy enough but pairing the two buds together seems a bit too much fuss to carry out too often.

Sound quality is excellent with plenty of bass and a lack of harsh high-end sounds. The earbud buttons can be used to select music tracks, change volume and for call controls.

So far this all seems great but I have found, as many other reviewers seem to have done, that the connection between the two earbuds drops out quite literally every few seconds even when I am sitting motionless. I have tried it with several Android phones with exactly the same disappointing results. I have wasted too much time attempting to pair them together again as well as wrestling with their Bluetooth phone connection, which is also poor. I have not been able to listen to an entire song from start to finish. This renders the earbuds entirely useless so far as I am concerned.

Build quality is certainly excellent and the audio quality, when working, is well above average but the connection problem just negates all the positives of this otherwise attractive set.

The Good
Good Build Quality
Attractive Design
Nice Presentation
Good audio quality
On-Ear Controls

The Bad
Continual audio dropouts
Fiddly to configure

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