Zero Grid RFID Blocking Travel Wallet & Family Passport Holder

When travelling it can be important to keep all the key documents together in one secure location. This well made and robust wallet from Zero Grid allows you to care of that.

The wallet arrived simply packaged in a branded sealed bag. Inside of which was the wallet itself, a ballpoint pen, and seven shaped RFID blocking slip in cards.

The 154g wallet is 22.5 x 14 x 2.5 cm in size and is made from a tough, robust but lightweight man-made fabric. On the outside it has one easy access pouch whilst inside secured by a robust metal zip, there are six passport sized pouches and four smaller ones for credit cards as well as a zipped full-sized inner pocket and a loop to hold the supplied pen. The slimline pen, by the way, is itself rather nice being made of stainless steel with a retractable nib. The lightweight RFID cards can be slipped inside the wallet to protect individual pockets without adding unduly to either the weight or bulk of the wallet.

The RFID blocking feature is not to be dismissed lightly. Most modern passports and many credit or data cards come with an embedded RFID chip – this how your wireless payment card works – which can be scanned by suitably equipped criminals as they stand next to you in line. This wallet protects your passports and cards from this threat by blocking any radio communication to and from the wallet.

The current Amazon price of £16.95, reduced we are told from the original eye-watering £48.15, is certainly attractive enough to make this wallet worth considering by anyone contemplating travelling on public transport.

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