DONWORD RFID Protected Slim Leather Credit Card Case


Priced at just £9.99 and reduced from £19.99, this attractive little credit card holder from DONWARD does the job very nicely.

It arrived nicely presented with care clearly taken to make the wallet appear like a quality item. Build quality seems fine. The wallet is robustly made from thick but flexible leather that affords maximum protection to the cards within. It has six card slots, each lined with a silk feel material within, and a central billfold slot. A key selling point for the wallet is the built-in RFID protection which is actually built into the wallet with no external inserts needed. Most modern credit cards have an RFID chip built into them and it is this allows you to just wave the card over the terminal to make a purchase. When waiting in line it is possible for criminals to wirelessly copy your card details for illegal use. That cannot happen with this card wallet.

This is a simple and well made little wallet that keeps your credit and debit cards organised and safe.

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