Siivton Adjustable Reflective No Pull Dog Harness

Poppy is a puller. Having struggled for some time with a normal lead we changed over to a harness type lead and life became much easier both for us and her but still there were a few problems. The harness was hard to fit, it was difficult to be sure which way was up, and it left dirty marks on her back after the walk. So I was very pleased to be able to try this new chest harness from Siivton.

The harness arrived simply packaged in a plain bag with no instructions but with labels included explaining fitting and giving product information. Build quality seems fine, with all the seams intact, no hanging threads, and nothing looking likely to fail anytime soon. The harness is nicely well padded across the chest and stomach and is broad enough to help keep this area free from mud and dirt and to protect the dog when running through bushes. There are two plastic fitting clips which are large and easy to fasten and engage in a secure and positive manner. The front and rear straps are adjustable with buckles to ensure a secure fit. There are plastic loops on the top and chest to clip the lead onto and on the back a large and easy to find grab handle. The material is reflective and designed for high visibility at night.

Poppy is a Jack Russell sized dog with a chest girth measurement of 24″ and we found that the medium sized harness was a perfect fit. The old harness had been tricky to fit and often went on upside down or inside out, no such problems with this one as it is immediately obvious which way it should be placed over her head.

What does Poppy think of it? I am not sure she has in fact given it much thought but it must be more comfortable for her than the one we had before and is certainly easier and quicker to fit which she probably appreciates too.

Priced on Amazon currently at £18.99 this is an excellent price for a harness that is of above average quality.

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