Squizzas! H-28401 Electrical 16-Inch Oscillating Pedestal Stand Fan

At the time of writing, we are in the grip of a seemingly endless heatwave here in the UK. Somewhere in the attic we have two fans, possibly working, but after a search, I was unable to find them in the mountain of junk and discarded review items that reside up there. So it was time to buy a new fan. There can be no better way of ensuring the end of the heatwave than buying a fan, a fam which will then be consigned to the attic until the next heatwave occurs in a few years, so I did not want to pay too much.

This pedestal fan from the curiously named Squizzas! seemed to fit the bill. It was not too expensive at £22.99 on Amazon and received decent enough reviews, so it seemed a good buy

The fan arrived in a large product identified box inside of which was the fan itself (in bits) and a poorly printed and hard to follow installation guide. Build quality seems OK for the budget price and all the screws and other items for the assembly kit were all present and correct.

Putting the thing together was not too hard after scrutinising the Install Guide and it became clear that there was really only one way to do so and it would be difficult to assemble it wrong. One tip is to push the little screws through the holes in the base before putting the two cross members together, that gives you room to get your fingers in. That last sentence will make more sense when you have the pieces in front of you!

Once assembled the fan is reasonably steady although as my video shows it does tend to wobble a bit when oscillating and at full power. The stand has a telescopic base which allows the fan head height to be varied by about eighteen inches or so. The fan head can be angled up and down although more up than down it has to be said. There are three speeds controlled by large clicky buttons on the front together with another Off/On button. The buttons are mechanical which means that the fan can come on when power is turned on at the wall. This is useful for lazy Amazon Echo owners like me that can now turn the fan off and on by voice. In use, the fan is not silent but the noise is not overpowering and in fact, takes the form of a sleep-inducing low hum.

This is a decent enough budget fan and works well enough. Like all fans, it is a bit rickety and may not survive long periods of storage in a confined space. I have saved the box and will take it to bits for storage in the hope of it actually surviving a spell in the attic. For less than £25 it is by no means a bad buy.

The Good
Effective fan action
Not too noisy
Mechanical buttons
Good price

The Bad
Poor User Guide
Wobbly at full power
Fiddly to assemble

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