HUTBiT IP68 Colour Touch Screen Screen Fitness Watch with HRM

The quality of fitness trackers has gone up greatly of late and now, at least as regards hardware, often the cheapest no-name tracker can rival the big name market leaders. The budget rivals usually fall down on the quality of the software and the lack of an established user base and infrastructure. So let’s look at this new tracker from HUTBiT.

In the simple product box, there is just the wristband itself and a well written and nicely illustrated colour User Guide which is one of the best I have seen for a tracker of this type.

Build quality seems fine for the £32.95 Amazon price but lacks the some of the premium feel and presentation of more expensive high-end rivals. Unlike many bands which use a non-standard charging interface this one has a USB charging plug built into the watch itself. Just pull the strap on one side to reveal a standard USB charging plug which can be used in any USB port. It is a little bit awkward to fit but does give the freedom of recharging almost anywhere at any time with no cables to lose or damage. The device is IP68 waterproof which means the device is waterproof for over 1 metre for short periods. So it should be OK in the shower and for swimming. I was very impressed by the colour LCD screen which is one of the clearest and most detailed I have seen and far better than the low-resolution mono screen on my Fitbit Charge 2.

This unit closely resembles the Fitbit Charge HR and mirrors most if not all of the costly rival’s functions as well as a few new ones. It supports a Heart Rate Monitor, Phone Camera control, Clock, Pedometer, distance travelled, Calories used, Sleep Monitor, SMS monitor, Sedentary alert, Call Alert, social media app notifications, alarms with vibrations, lost phone alert. All this is done through the low energy Bluetooth 4 connection and allows a claimed for several days of normal use between charges.

The VeryFitPro app is needed to configure the device as well as to collate and display the health tracking features. After installing the app it then connects seamlessly to the tracker and continually updates the steps taken, distance travelled etc and can display real-time heart rate, as can the watch itself. The app has a rather Chinese look to it but works well enough if lacking the extended scope and attractive interface of the Fitbit and other name rivals.

Touching the screen will wake it from sleep but a longer press is needed when the device is powered off. From here` you can turn the device On or Off, display current Heart Rate, Step Count, read messages and alerts, reject or accept calls, enter exercise mode and access other settings. The device supports fourteen different sports modes, three can be selected from the tracker, the others using the app. The device will also connect to the GPS unit in your phone and uses it to display your location history within the exercise screens of the app.

As with the Fitbit Charge 2 which I currently use the Heart Rate Monitor here is OK and a gives a decent indication of resting and active heart rates but cannot be considered accurate when compared to a chest strap HRM of the type used by serious athletes. The HRM operates silently in the background to monitor heart rate continuously.

This tracker feels and looks a bit cheaper than a Fitbit or other Name brands but mirrors almost all the features as well as adding a few new ones. If you are looking for a simple but well-specified sports and fitness tracker and don’t want to pay for a premium name then this new wrist-mounted tracker from HUTBiT might be all you need.

The Good
LCD Touchscreen
SMS and call alerts
Social media app alerts
Easy configuration
Excellent User Guide
Remote phone camera control
Phone GPS linkage

The Bad
Not part of a larger product ecosystem
App clearly ported from Chinese
Wrist strap lacks the premium feel
No Music controls
No Pace measurement

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