E.Durable Magnetic Micro Precision Screwdriver Set in Case

This attractive little set of micro screwdrivers arrived well presented in a colourful hanging display box. Inside the box was the screwdriver set itself in the hard storage case. No instructions or other information was included aside from that on the box.

The kit is made from S2 steel which is, we are told, superior to normal steel being harder and more long-lasting. The box is made from a robust plastic and has openings for all the kit components which can be slotted in place and held securely. The box can be inverted and none of the items will fall out. The panel containing the kit pushes in places into the box itself and can be quickly released by pressure on the open end. Annoyingly, it can sometimes pop open when you don’t want it to. It is a pity the case cannot be locked.

The kit consists of:
4 x Premium Torx bit Screwdriver: T2 T3 T4 T5
2 x Premium Torx Security Screwdriver: TR6 TR8
4 x Premium Phillips Screwdriver: PH1 PH0 PH000 PH0000
1 x Premium Nut bit Screwdriver: 2.5
4 x Premium Flat Head Screwdriver : 1.0 1.5 2.0 2.5
1 x Premium U shaped Screwdriver: 2.0
2 x Premium Pentalobe Screwdriver star: P2(0.8) P5(1.2)
2 x Premium Triwing Y Head Screwdriver: Y1 Y000 (0.6)
1 x Tweezers with plastic tip protector

The bits are all 28mm in length and the screwdriver itself 115mm including the 360 degrees rotating grip.

It all seems very well made and robust and in my limited use I can see no sign of the bits chipping or fraying but of course, time will tell about that. It would have been nice to have had a small screw container included but then I suppose the screwdriver kit box can serve for that whilst working.

This is a decent quality micro screwdriver kit, well made and robust that has bits included for most precision small format work. The current Amazon price of just £16.00 will not be easily beaten.

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