Veidoo Fast Wireless Car Charger

If you want the advantage of wireless free phone charging when in the car then this new device from Veidoo may be just what you need.

The charger arrived presented in a rather upmarket box that gives the product a high-end classy feel and eminently suitable as a gift. Inside the box was the charger itself together with a rather short USB-micro USB cable, airvent adapter, dashboard mount and a well printed and easy to read user Guide.

Build quality seems fine if rather lightweight. The charger has a matt black finish with silver bezels. The two mount adapters attach to the rear of the charger with a ball and socket joint. The air mount adapter can be adjusted to suit varying gill types and the dashboard mount comes with a prefitted sticky pad. No old-style cigar lighter interface is included but then almost all modern cars now come with USB ports. It should work safely with any phone as it has over-voltage protection, over-current protection, surge protection, high-temperature protection and short-circuit prevention.

Having mounted the device using it could not be easier. As with all wireless chargers just put the phone on the charging pad and it will work automatically. In fact, this one is easier to use than desktop chargers because the phone is held in place and positioned exactly over the charging coil by three retractable and adjustable arms that grip it tightly and securely. It should be noted that the arms can be adjusted to suit phones of different lengths as well as width, unlike with some lesser rivals. This adjustable length feature means that even new 18:9 format phones should fit safely into it. The secure mount coupled with the ball and socket joint on the rear means the phone can be quickly and safely rotated from portrait to landscape modes with no fear of it falling out.

I found that the device worked well both in the car and when tested on my desktop. The choice of mounts should make it suitable for any vehicle and the standard charging protocol should mean it will work with any wireless charging equipped device.

The unit is currently available on Amazon for £25.99 discounted from an eye-watering £59.99 and at that price is not a bad buy for the convenience and versatility of in-car wireless charging

The Good
Good Build Quality
Easy to Use
Good User Guide
Good Presentation
Works well

The Bad
Power cable too short
No cigar lighter interface
Lightweight construction

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