AUSHEN Waterproof Solar Garden Lights 10 Pack

Priced on Amazon at just £19.99 discounted from £39.99 this set of garden lights seems at first sight quite an attractive buy. But is it any good?

The set arrived in an attractive product box and looks pretty much the same as the more costly garden centre kits. Inside are the 10 lights, each packed in three sections: the light housing/Solar panel, spike and stand. No instructions are included other than those printed on the box and none are needed as assembling and operating the lights is pretty self-evident.

Each light consists of a removable clear plastic LED housing with a single LED light inside and a solar panel on top, plastic ground spike, and a stainless steel tube into which the LED housing is attached on one end and the ground spike on the other. The joints are only finger tight and the lights can be quickly and easily disassembled for storage. The only control is the simple Off/On turret switch inside the light housing, just twist and remove the cover to access it.

The lights seem reasonably well made and all the lights in my kit function fine and arrived already partially charged. The stainless steel tube should not rust and if the IP65 rating is correct then there should be no problem with water getting in. nevertheless, the lights have a fairly lightweight build quality so I would suggest positioning them away from anywhere where they may get banged about and storing them inside during the dark winter months. That said, they come with a full eighteen-month warranty which shows the manufacturer has confidence in their durability.

To operate each lamp, simply turn on the light switch, assemble the lamp and position it where maximum direct sunlight can reach the solar panel. They should give six to eight hours of LED light following about six hours of sunlight. The lights are rated as being IP65 water resistant, which means they should be OK in the rain.

These lamps are not designed to provide full garden illumination but rather as point lights to line a pathway or emphasise a garden feature. The single LED in each lamp provides a bright, cool white point of light and looks great highlighting a pathway. The lights work perfectly well without the spike and support tube and so can be positioned in small alcoves or in a rockery where a taller light could not fit.

For the price, this set could be a versatile and well-made addition to any garden or outside space.

The Good
Great price
Attractive looks
Easy to install
Great for pathway lighting
IP65 rated

The Bad
Lightweight Design
Limited light output

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