SURDOCA Car Seat Organiser for Children

Keeping the kids amused in the car has always been a problem for parents. This new car organiser from SURDOCA may help to solve this issue and at the current Amazon price of £14.99 will not break the bank doing so.

This is a 17.3″ by 22.5″ multi-pocket organiser made from Oxford Material that is suspended from the back of a front seat which can hold things needed to keep the family amused when on the road. Unlike some lesser rivals, this one does not just hang free but is held tightly to the seat back by no less than adjustable three straps each secured by a large positive acting clip. The organiser has ten pockets of varying sizes, some with zipped or press stud closing lips. There are two water bottle sized openings and one with a clear front designed to hold iPads or similar devices of up to 10.5″. Should accidents occur then the organiser can be easily wiped down or in the worst cases machine washed.

The organiser arrived very simply but securely packaged in a plastic shipping bag. Whilst this does the job it is a pity more effort could not have been made to present the product better. A well designed colourful package could surely boost sales, look better on the shelves and make the item a more appealing as a gift.

Fitting the organiser could not be more simple. There are three straps, all adjustable with large finger-friendly clips. The top one loops over the seat headrest, the next is at the halfway point and the final strap is on the bottom. With all three in place, the organiser can help completely flush to the rear of the car set which protects the contents better and stops it flapping around in an annoying way. All the pockets are well sized and easy to access. The bottle pockets are elasticated and hold a normal 600ml plastic bottle very secure, the other pockets seem similarly robust and secure. There is a windowed top pocket designed hold an iPad which can be viewed quite well through the perspex frontage. Next to the iPad pocket are pockets suitable to hold a Power Bank to keep the tablet running.

This is a simple solution to a perennial problem and hopefully can make your next long family car journey more enjoyable and stress-free. There are plenty of rival products available and they are all pretty much the same. This one is well made and gets the job done at a perfectly reasonable price and there is no reason not to recommend it.

The Good
Well Made
Multiple pockets
iPad pocket
Bottle holders
zipped document pocket

The Bad
Poor presentation
Many similar rivals

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