Northwest Territory Mens Lace UP Waterproof Walking/Hiking Boots

I hate buying boots. No matter what I pay for them and even with careful use and loving care and attention together with plentiful dubbin, they all start to let what in after a couple of months and then after that the sole will start to come off. No matter if I pay £20 or £200 they always go the same way.

So when it came time to buy yet another pair (I am sick of wearing plastic bags inside my boots!) I did not want to pay too much and looked around for a pair that seemed to lay emphasis on their waterproof qualities. This pair from Northwest Territory seemed to fit the bill and at £37.99 were not too dear.

The boots arrived in an impressive if somewhat battered box but the boots within were fine and survived the journey intact.

Although a range of colours is on offer I selected ‘Black Hunter 2’ (what happened to Black Hunter 1?) and they have a matt black finish with mesh effect inserts. The soles are heavy duty, deeply ridged for grip and have a high side outlined in grey. The uppers reach to just above the ankle and have a rear pull strap through laces can be threaded. The supplied laces are quite thin and are not long enough for me. Without looping around the back they are long enough to tie a simple double bow only. I would have preferred heavier laces at least a foot longer.

The boots are very lightweight and comfortable to wear and for me needed no breaking in. It is very early days yet but they do seem pretty waterproof and walking through a few modest puddles does not seem to phase them. They seem to be well made and of good quality and I am cautiously optimistic about how long they will last. If they start to pack in too soon I will update this review accordingly.

The Good
Good Price
Attractive Design
Well Made
Heavy Duty soles

The Bad
Laces too short

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