ICZI USB-C Hub, USB-C to 4K HDMI Adapter and Card Reader



As computers and smartphones continue the move from USB to USB-C we will find adapters such as this increasingly useful. As they gain in popularity the prices for these all in one device continues to fall and at the current Amazon price of £30.99, this is one of the least expensive on the market.

Packaged in a low key and rather a downmarket box the adapter was bundled supplied with a small but useful User Guide which I reproduce in my unboxing video.

The 4.5cmx1.6cmx 0.5cm device is made of matte black plastic with a short USB-C cable on one end and an HDMI port on the other. On one side are three USB 3 ports and on the other a USB-C power pass-through port together with an SD and TF card slots. Build quality seems good although not premium but fine for the budget price.

The USB, TF and SD cards function as they would with any other card reader. The HDMI port allows you to play video directly from your current generation MacBook or MacBook Pro as well as many high-end smartphones. The USB-C port can be used to charge smartphones and other selected devices but it cannot be used to charge another Mac. The USB plug, however, can charge a connected Mac when the power in cable is connected to the USB-C socket. Many of the functions can also work with selected USB-C smartphones but this varies from model to model.

I was perfectly happy with the operation of this little device, I tried it with a MacBook Pro and with my phone and both worked well although not all features are supported on my phone, a limitation of the phone rather than this device.

For the relatively low price, this is a worthwhile addition tot he kitbag of any MacBook or MacBook Pro user.

The Good
Great price
Works well
Pass through charging
No drivers needed

The Bad
Not all USB-C smartphones support all features
USB-C port is charging only
Budget packaging

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