ICZI 7-Port USB-C Hub with Power Adapter

My backup computer, a small mini PC, is rather short on USB ports and would benefit greatly from the possibilities open to it with this new hub from ICZI.

Presented in a low key but attractive display pack the adapter was bundled supplied with a small but useful User Guide which I reproduce in my unboxing video.

The 11.6 x 4.2 x 1.45cm device is made of matte black plastic with a short hardwired USB cable on one end. It has two USB 3 plugs together with two USB-C plugs on one side and three more USB 3 ports and a power-in socket along the other. Also included is a standard three-pin UK power adapter, Build quality seems good although perhaps not premium but fine for the budget £19.99 price.

This is a device designed for data transfer rather than for charging and it will work for this without the power unit attached. For use with multiple devices, the supplied PSU should be used. The five USB 3 ports support Low-speed (1.5Mbps, full-speed(12Mbps), high-speed (480Mbps) and super-speed (5 Gbps) data speed as well as charging. The USB 3 ports are downward compatible and should work with all USB devices. The two USB-C ports are for data transfer only, not for charging, which is a pity. The device has over-current protection built into each port to protect both connected devices and the hub from power surges.

The excellent User Guide includes a handy chart showing the typical power consumption of different types of compatible devices. For example, a mouse would draw just 100mA but a USB 3 Hard Disk Drive would need the full power of the hub at 900mA. No drivers are needed for the USB ports.

This is a useful little device, small and easy to stow away in a gadget bag or drawer when not needed. For the relatively low price, this is a worthwhile addition to the kitbag of any computer or another USB-C device owner.

The Good
Great price
Good Build Quality
Works well
No drivers needed

The Bad
No USB-C Charging
Budget packaging
Hard Wired Cable

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