geo Minim Energy Monitor

I have had a few similar Electricity Energy Monitors in the past, including ones from Efergy and LinsysRF, and they have all stopped working after a while and I either by then I had lost the User Guide or they just refused to work. Having just switched to a new tariff I thought it would be a good idea to get a new power meter.

This device consists of a colour LCD monitor with UK/EU power supply, CT sensor with four AA batteries preinstalled, transmitter and a well printed and easy to read colour User Guide. I include a scan of the User Guide in my unboxing video, switch to full screen and pause to read it.

Setting it up is easy enough and well explained in the User Guide. Attach the CT sensor to the mains cable going into your home electric meter, the sensor will clip over the red cable. The other end plugs into any of the three sockets in the transmitter. (The other two sockets are used for certain non-standard power supply units). Remove the tab covering the AA battery terminal on the transmitter and the red LED will indicate it is working. After assembling the plug for the monitor power supply, connect it and plug it into the display monitor. By pressing the central button on the monitor you can enter the settings menu and from there set the day, energy tariff, monthly budget target etc using the left and right buttons. You can set the backlight to be always on, off, or on a timer.

The meter will display the real-time electricity usage either in pounds,kWh, or in CO2. You can also track how close you are to remaining within your budget for the current month. Battery, signal strength and current temperature are also displayed. You can scroll the display to show the day before, current week, current month. Data is not displayed for earlier periods and cannot be exported to other devices or online. Another more expensive model is available from Geo that has these advanced features.

The unit is well priced at just £37.95, works well and is easy to configure and use.

The Good
Easy to read display
Good price
Easy to configure

Good User Guide

The Bad
No way to export data