EMater Snap and Wrap 360° revolving ball head Mini Tripod

Currently available on Amazon at just £12.99 this mini-tripod from EMate can hardly be thought expensive yet there are even cheaper rivals available but even within this budget price range you still get what you pay for and this little device certainly outshines the cheaper rivals.

With a lightweight 10″ device of this price, you are not going to get Manfrotto build quality but you do get a device that with careful management can put your camera or lighting unit in otherwise inaccessible places.

The tripod arrived with no User Guide or external packaging other than a plain box but no instructions are needed and the tripod is robust enough to need no other protection. The package contains the tripod with quick release screw mounting plate.

This tripod is very lightweight at just 240g and features twelve step fully bendable non-extendable legs and a ball socket head with tension screw locking. It has an easy to use and very versatile quick release mechanism better than those found on lesser rivals and this does work surprisingly well. The head unit features a standard 3/8″ screw mount and should fit any standard camera or phone mount. The tripod works best when the legs are fully splayed out to give stability with the angle of view for the fitted device controlled through the ball and socket head unit. The legs can also wrap around pillars, poles or fences to put the camera in otherwise inaccessible places. This device is designed to work with a phone, tablet or small lighting unit. I mainly use it with an accessory lighting panel and an Arlo camera and with these, it works well and makes it possible locate the panel on the same plane as the subject device without the need of a floor standing lighting stand. It is a lightweight device and so do not try and put full-size DSLR camera on there.

This little tripod is small and lightweight enough to be able to add it to your camera bag or pocket without adding weight or bulk. The price is slightly dearer than some rivals but at less than £13 will not break the bank. This well made and versatile piece of kit would make a worthwhile addition to your camera kit.

The Good
Great Price
Fully flexible positioning
Easy to carry/store

The Bad
Lightweight build quality
Cheaper rivals available

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