Hillrong Car Charger with Car Finder and Voltage Monitor


The reason I bought this item, which cost the princely sum of £3.84 was that the same Bluetooth parking locator technology using the iPark app was built into two car wifi chargers I recently tested. My current daily driver phone does not use wifi charging but I though a small and discreet device such as this one using that system might be worth having.

In the nicely designed product box was just the device itself. No User Guide was included and no useful information was to be found on the box. Some sparse information is on the Amazon product page but luckily I knew from previous experience how the device functioned.

This device does three things.
1. It is a cigar lighter to USB adapter with three outputs of 5v/2.1A, it is not made clear if this is the rating for each port or the total output. This worked OK for me.

2. It has a tiny LCD screen showing the current voltage output to the port. This does seem to work but how accurate it is I cannot say.

3. The charger has a built-in Bluetooth beacon and after installing the free iPark app the beacon will connect to your phone and automatically tell the iPark app to remember the current GPS location. When you leave the car and go out of Bluetooth range the app can be used to show you where you last parked and guide you back to it using Google Maps. The app also allows you to take a photo of the precise location and append that to the map. You can add other information, such as the car park floor level and timers with audible alerts.

When working the Bluetooth parking locator is a useful thing to have and probably the main reason to buy this device. Sadly, from the adapter I received there was no Bluetooth signal detectable by any of my phones. I contacted the company and got a full refund from them. I may well have just got a rogue unit and the all the rest may work perfectly as it did with the two wifi chargers I tested.

When working this would be a useful addition to your in-car tech. For the remarkably low price, it may still be worth having a go with it despite the disappointing experience I had.

The Good
Attractive Design
Good Packaging
Useful car location service

The Bad
Bluetooth failure with my unit
No User Guide

More Info and Purchase