HBorna Qi Certified Fast Wireless Charger

This small, neat and rather upmarket looking Qi-Certified wireless charger from HBorna arrived nicely present in a low key but attractive product box. Inside was the charger itself, a medium length USB to micro-USB cable, a thin black pad, and a better than average User Guide. I am not quite sure what the little black pad does since it is not mentioned in the User Guide or Amazon product page. It may be to protect the shiny surface of the charging unit.

Build quality seems fine. The 7.9×7.9×0.7cm 73g charging pad appears well made and robust with a high gloss finish which looks great now but I suspect it is a fingerprint magnet and may scuff and scratch over time. The charger has four anti-slip pads on the underside and a micro-USB port on the side. It is a pity that in the new USB-C could not have been used at least as an option. It has a multicolour LED to indicate charging status which must be subtle indeed as I did not even notice it when I first used it.

Unlike many cheap imports, this charger is fully Qi certified which hopefully means the power output is correct and as promised. It has three charging modes which are automatically selected according to the device attached: 10W, 7.5W or 5W. Take note that to get the advantage of the higher speeds a QC2.0 or better power adapter must be used. The one that came with the phone being charged should be suitable. You will see from my video that it also works with other devices, such as my Motorola smartwatch. The LED shows you the mode in use: flashes green slowly for quick charging, flashes orange slowly for normal charging, flashes green fast when a problem is detected (such as a metal object in a phone case interfering with the signal), solid green when charging is complete.

Currently priced at just £14.71 this is is a budget high-speed charger with a distinctly upmarket look to it. If you have a wireless charging phone or other devices this would be a nice addition to your desktop.

The Good
Great Price
Good Build Quality
Up Market Looks
Attractive Packaging
Auto Selected Charging Modes

The Bad
Fingerprint Magnet
No USB adapter included

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