POPRUN Magnetic Refrigerator A3+ whiteboard



We already have a fridge whiteboard but it is getting old, the pen does not work too well and when it does is near impossible to remove, so it was time for a change. This new whiteboard from POPRUN is a bit smaller at 43.18×27.94 cm than our old one but has several advantages over the old and works far better.

The whole set arrived in a surprisingly small robust cardboard tube, mine seemed to have been around for a bit but hopefully yours will be OK, inside of which was the whiteboard, eraser, two black markers, two blue, and two red, two large coloured magnetic buttons, some emoji stickers and a large and well-printed User Guide.

Everything it the kit seems to be working fine and appears well made and robust. You may have to uncurl the whiteboard for a few minutes to get the best adhesion to the fridge door but after that, it will stick firmly with no sign of movement. All the pens worked well and unlike some rivals wrote clearly and easily on the board. I found the magnets on the pens to be a little feeble, they would stick well enough to the door but not to the whiteboard where they tended to slide down the ultra smooth surface. The buttons, on the other hand, attached nice and firmly. There is a small eraser on the end of each pen but the larger eraser works really well and wipes clean with one swipe and can be then be attached to the fridge door for storage. Unlike with some lesser rivals, the ink can be as easily wiped when left in place for some weeks.

This is a practical and useful addition to any kitchen, home office or school room and at just £15.99 will not break the bank.

The Good
Good Build Quality
Great price
Bright coloured inks
Easy to Write with
Easy to wipe clean
Attractive Packaging
Good User Guide

The Bad
Pen magnets could be stronger
Eraser pad on pens may get Dirty

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