STNTUS INNOVATIONS 12 Handmade Bath Bombs Gift Set



This delightful set of twelve Bath Bombs comes exquisitely presented in a robust pink box which looks like it might contain fancy chocolates. The box is far too nice to throw away and it can easily be repurposed to store trinkets or small cosmetics items.

The twelve 2.2″ 3oz Bath Bombs are each differently scented in traditional aromas that put me in mind of the Yardley perfumes of yesteryear. The scents are listed as ‘Smooth’, ‘Sky’, ‘Love’, ‘Rose’, ‘Sunrise’, ‘Nature’, ‘Starry Night’, ‘Heal’, ‘Caramek’, ‘Ocean’, ‘Sakura’, and ‘Lavender’. The scents are subtle but pervasive and lift and enhance the atmosphere of the bathroom.

Using the bombs is easy enough and the same as with any other. After removing the outer wrapper and plastic seal just pop the bomb into the bath. It will rise to the surface bubbling and agitating the water and move around the bath colouring the water and diffuse the scent. It takes several minutes to fully dissolve. One bomb is more than enough for a normal sized bath and I suspect that just a half a bomb would do if you wished to economise. The bomb will make the bath an even more pleasant experience than usual and leave the skin feeling cleansed and refreshed.

Currently priced at £14.98 on Amazon these bombs are not ultra cheap but the price is at least equal to if not better than that of most high street rivals. In any case, who would not like to pay out for an indulgence such as this.


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