BROKIG Vertex Mens Gym Jogger/Sweatpants

I am usually a bit nervous when buying Chinese clothes due to sizing issues but in fact, these new sweatpants from BROKIG were OK and if anything were slightly larger than I was expecting.

The garment arrived simply packaged in a resealable zip lock bag with the usual tags in place. No documentation or other items were included.

The pants themselves are clearly well made from a thick cotton/polyester mix that feels warm and absorbent. The design is rather unusual and different from other sweatpants I have worn. There is what seems to be a protective strip along the inside of each thigh and also a V-shaped visible seam – clearly a design feature – across the thighs also. The waist and ankles are elasticated and there is an additional drawstring waist cord. The only pockets are shallow zipped handwarmers on each side. There are no visible issues in the tailoring with no hanging threads, scuffing or weak seams.

As regards sizing, the size I selected I would have expected to be rather tight across the waist but in fact, it was OK with the leg length being fine and perhaps even a little on the short side. The legs are a tapered fit and better for exercise where flapping legs and a wide ankle fit can be an impendence rather for than daily use where a less extreme look is preferable.

On balance I would say these are a well made and robust pair of sweatpants better suited for the gym than the street with an unusual design that may appeal more to the athlete than the general user. For the current Amazon price of £20.99 these are not a bad buy for the quality although thinner and less well-made rivals are available for less.