Alilimall Submersible Led Light

This simple but well made little lamp from Alilimall can light up your hot tub experience as well as finding other uses around the home.

In the mid-market product box was the light unit itself as well as a set of suction cup mounts, remote control and a small but informative user Guide. Everything feels well made and the hockey puck sized in particular has a quality feel to it. Nothing seems likely to break or fail anytime soon.

The light is 9cm in diameter and 4.5cm thick and is made from a tough transparent plastic. Inside the ten multicolour LEDs can be seen on the top which can be unscrewed from the base to reveal the compartment for three AA batteries. The base has a built-in magnetic mount. The top and bottom parts of the unit have silicone seals to prevent water ingress and when sealed the light is rated at IP68 water resistant, which it should be fine in the bath or shallow pool. The unit will stay in place and is designed not to float. The credit card sized remote control is none generic and is customed designed for this product. Also, it uses radio rather than a line of sight i/r and is more versatile in use and with a greater range.

The device can be mounted in a variety of ways: using the rubber suckers, magnetic mount, using the mounting hole in the base. It has a range of uses, in the bath, hot tub, garden pool, under flower displays or other glass objects or even as a stand alone light.

Using the device could not be simpler. Fit the batteries and screw the device tightly shut, a tight fit is crucial tom prevent water getting in so take the time to check joint is secure and tight. The remote control allows a range of seven colours and multiple lighting effects to be selected. Take note that the remote itself is not waterproof, so attempt to use it underwater! When the batteries get low the light defaults to read and it is time to replace them. You should get between twenty and thirty hours of lighting time from a set depending on the make.

For the Amazon price of £12.99, this is a well made, versatile and simple to use way to light up your bath or pool.

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The Good
Good Build Quality
Good Price
Easy to Use
IPX68 Waterproof

Radio Remote

The Bad
No Batteries Included

No controls on the light itself

More Info and Purchase