Giwil Waterproof Winter Cycling Gloves


For just £9.99 I was not really expecting too much but in fact, these new sports gloves from Giwil, a firm I have never heard of before, have proved surprisingly good.

They arrived simply packaged in a plain bag with no labelling or paperwork included, not that any was needed. Build quality seems fine with no hanging threads, poor seams or anything else that might make me think they will fail anytime soon.

The gloves are described as for cycling, running and general outdoor sports use. I would say that due to their warmth and thickness they would be best suited for biking use. As a runner, I would find them a bit too thick and padded for anything but the very coldest of days. But I think cycling is clearly what they were designed for. They are of medium thickness with a plush inner surface designed for maximum warmth and warm they certainly are. They have touch tips for use with phones and tablets and these work OK although the gloves are a little on the unwieldy side for delicate screen work but better to have it than not. The gloves are waterproof and have an enhanced silicone grip for the palm and inner fingers to give firmer handlebar control.

As regards sizing, I am a 5’11” male with normal sized hands and I chose size L which gave a snug but comfortable fit that I would choose again.

These gloves are well made, comfortable and very warm. They would be perfect for general winter sports or outdoor use and at a very reasonable price too.

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