Giwil 24 Flickering Tea Light LED Candles

With Christmas fast approaching now might be the time to invest in some mood lighting for these festive seasons. At the current price of £8.99 for a set of 24, these will certainly not break the bank

Inside the well-designed product box, strong enough for long-term storage of the candles, were the twenty-four candles. No paperwork or instructions were included and none needed.

The candles are all identical and in my box every one of them worked perfectly. Each tea light candle is 1.4″ in diameter and the 1.25″ in height. On the bottom is a large and easy to access On/Off switch and a pop open battery compartment containing two AG10 Button Cell batteries. (The Amazon page says they have a single CR2032 which is perhaps an equivalent).  They can easily be replaced and the batteries are cheap and widely available. The candles are clearly made of plastic and are quite delicate but with careful handling there is no reason they should not last for years.

In use, the LED candles look great. They have a warm white light and flicker quite convincingly. They are not designed as a light source but as mood lighting, they work really well. They are small enough to easily place inside glasses, Christmas decorations or pumpkins or anywhere where spot decorations are needed.

The price of £8.99 is not bad at all for a set of this size. The ease and low cost of battery replacement means this set can be used over many years but remember to keep the box to store them in.

If you want to add some sparkle to your Christmas, Halloween, or family party this candle set could prove a worthwhile and lasting good buy.

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