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This deceptively simple little device may well brighten your Christmas or other festive days far more than you might expect. I can imagine tiny hands getting much pleasure from this child-friendly fun toy. It is basically a low power LED torch which projects Christmas and other party images onto the wall or ceiling along with pre-recorded festive music.

In the Christmas themed box was the projector itself, two sets of six slides, lanyard strap, mini-tripod, USB to micro-USB charging cord. No instructions are needed and none were included in the box. Build quality is lightweight but robust and hopefully tough enough to withstand the rough and tumble of the playroom.

At first sight, the device resembles a medium-sized torch with the lens at the front, lanyard mount on the end, and on the side the single control button and micro-USB charging port. Just behind the lens is the opening to insert a single large slide. Each slide contains twelve tiny themed images can be projected onto the wall or ceiling. Each slide has a different theme: Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Birthday etc. Press and hold the button to turn the device on, press again to play the four built-in songs (which can be heard as the soundtrack to my unboxing video) press the button again to rotate the projected images. The unit can be mounted on the included tripod/clip mount but most youngsters will probably prefer to hand hold it.  When the slide is removed the projector can serve as a simple torch or flashlight.

This is simple and rather old-fashioned little device but one which can give a great deal of pleasure to youngsters over Christmas or indeed at any time and is well worth the current Amazon price of £16.99.

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