Dreamstone Far Infrared Therapy Heated Waist Belt

As a runner, I often experience sports and impact related injuries. I am undergoing one right now with hip pain caused by too many long runs. As a supplement to io iPrufofen and a TENS machine, this heat belt from Dreamstone is forming a useful part of my recovery regime.

The back warmer arrived nicely presented in a rather posh looking box inside of which was the belt itself, a velcro belt extension pad and a single sheet photocopy quality sheet User Guide. No battery is included as this device needs an external USB Powerbank to operate which is not included.

The 49inX5.1″ belt seems nicely made from thick good quality Oxford material secured around the waist with velcro. The extension pad if for those of more generous proportions or perhaps those needing to use the belt with other equipment. The belt has a single large combined control button and status LED on the front with a short cable with an angled USB plug attached to it. When not in use this can slip into the small battery pocket located next to it. The pocket is rather small and you may have to hunt around to find a suitably sized Powerbank to fit into it.

Using the belt is simple enough and for me at least it is comfortable and easy to fit. After fitting the belt, just connect the USB cable to the power bank, if it fits the power bank can be housed in the pocket when in use, the press and hold the control button until it lights up and turns red after a few minutes as the temperature rises the LED will change colour to blue, and then to green.

The effect is pleasant and soothing and I would say that for me at least it has proved beneficial. There are a few common sense exclusions made in the user Guide, mainly to discourage those with open wounds from using it, Also, take note that there is no auto-off timer, so be careful not to fall asleep wearing it.

The current Amazon price of is not cheap even for a well-made product such as this but I would expect the price to be discounted soon to better compete with the many rivals available. If you need a well made and durable heating belt to help with sports or other injuries this would not be a bad buy indeed.

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