Dreamstone Heated Knee Pads

As a runner injuries are common particularly as you get older and so I was pleased to receive this set of knee pad therapy pads from Dreamstone. At the moment my knees are Ok but I will put the kit aside for future use as I have had knee injuries in the past.

The knee pad sett arrived nicely presented in a quality presentation box robust enough for long-term storage of the product.  Inside were the set of two knee pads together with a large and easy to read if poorly translated User guide. I append a scan of the User Guide to my unboxing video.

The two 15″ x 5″ kneepads are identical and can be used together or separately. Each kneepad is made from a mixture of Neoprene on an Oxford cloth backing and carbon fibre and has an internal mesh pocket with fours small heating elements behind it. On the front is the single Off/On control button together hardwired short cable with a standard USB plug designed to link to a 2″ power bank housed in the pocket on the front of the unit. No Power Bank is supplied with the product but they are widely available. The pad is wrapped around the knee using the two velcro straps which attach directly anywhere on the neoprene skin. Build quality of everything seems fine and the neoprene finish gives the item an upmarket feel to it.

One of the selling points of this product is its versatility. The two pads can be used separately and singly on the knee, elbow or anywhere it can be attached to. Each pad can be powered from a Powerbank of any size, when not moving around you are not tied to a pouch sized Power Bank, and can even be powered from any standard USB charging port using a suitable cable (not supplied). The mesh pouch on the inside face of the pad can be used to hold a cold gel pack or herbal compress.

Currently priced at £42.00 this a little on the expensive side but no doubt the price will soon be discounted. I would also like to see a deluxe version that includes power banks.

This is an excellent product, robust and well made and should be a boon to runners, athletes or all those with knee or elbow joint problems.

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