Quest 35970 Benross Twin Pie Maker

Who doesn’t like pies?

Priced at just £24.60 this new gadget can bring the power of the pie to your kitchen.

It arrived nicely presented in an attractive mi market box inside of which was the pie maker itself, a two-sided pastry cutter and a large and well-printed User guide.

The pie maker seems robust and well made and strong enough to survive the rigours of extended kitchen life. On the top, there are two large status LED’s, when the heating LED turns off the device is at the correct cooking temperature. Like many countertop devices, the power cable is short but this one really is short and I found it a pain to get the pie maker positioned correctly because of it. The pastry cutter is as simple and easy to use as it seems, use the larger ring for the base and the other for the top. The here is a locking clasp to hold the two parts of the pie maker together which shuts firmly enough to ensure the pastry is sealed and crimped.

Using it could not be simpler. The pie maker cooks crimps and seals the pastry but does not cook the filling and so this has to be done separately for fruit and meat although cheese melts thoroughly. Use the pastry cutter to cut the base and lids, when at cooking temperature gently press the pastry base in place, insert the filling (somewhere between a desert and tablespoon), and carefully place the lid on top. Close and lock the lid. It will take between eight and ten minutes to cook but the lid can be lifted briefly to monitor the process without harming the pies. You may need to trim any excess pastry from around the crimped edge for best appearance.

 I also found to my surprise that the best-looking pies come when puff pastry is used rather than shortcrust. Of course, the puff pastry cannot expand but it gives a harder and stronger pastry and cooks with a more even colour on top. I have only made savoury pies so far but I have no reason to doubt that sweet pies would be just as successful and easy to make.

It device really does work well and is easy to use. The only drawback is that it only makes two pies at a time but since the cooking process is quick you can easily prepare a batch of pies in an hour or so.

For the price, this is a fantastic buy and makes it even easier to devote my life to the consumption of pies without having to make tedious trips to Gregg’s.